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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

Do We Keep Backups?

We make a sequential tape backup of each server's hard drive at the end of each week. Each tape is recycled after four weeks. It is meant to be used by us to restore the server in the event of an emergency. Because this backup is sequential, it is to be used to restore the server as a whole and is not used to restore individual sites. 

It is the responsibility of the client to make and maintain backups of the current web site. Our company assumes no liability what so ever for the client's failure to exercise this basic precaution.

We STRONGLY urge you to keep a complete copy of all your files and directories locally. If you make changes to your FrontPage webs in real time on the server, publish them to your local Personal Web Server. If you make changes to your .domains , .mreply.rc or any other user customizable configuration files, ftp a copy down to your hard drive. Any files created by your CGI programs and forms should be copied to your local hard drive periodically. Keeping backups of everything on your site is not difficult if done on a regular basis. If you have any questions regarding safe and effective backup procedures, please refer to our tech support page:

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