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Valid File Names

What Name Should I Use For My "HOMEPAGE" To Get It To Load Automatically?

You must name your main loading file one of the following names:


This list also shows the order of precedence for home page names on our system.  As you can see from the list, "index.html" takes highest precedence.  What this means is that if you have two files in your main directory, one named "index.html" and one named "index.htm", our system will treat the file named "index.html" as the home page.  Please keep this in mind when you are naming your home page.

Also, be sure to name your home page in lowercase.  Our system will not treat a file with capital letters in it as a home page.  For example, if your try to name your home page as "INDEX.HTM" or "Index.html", our system will not recognize the file as a home page.  Please keep this factor in mind as well when you are naming your home page.

Finally, the home page must be located in your main directory.

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What Can My File Names Be?

XyNexT uses servers which run a variation of UNIX. All UNIX machines are case sensitive. This means that if you upload your files with upper case letters in them, then your references in your HTML code must also match the case. The easiest way to manage this issue would be to keep everything in lower case.   Also, spaces and special control characters are generally not a good idea.

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