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Can I Password Protect Directories?

Yes, you can password protect specific directories within your website.

Non-FrontPage Users

Please Note: If you are a FrontPage user with the FrontPage extensions installed on your site, please see below.

You can begin assigning unique ids and passwords by following the procedures for .htaccess. As such, visitors will be prompted for id and password to gain access to any web page within such a directory. This does NOT affect FTP access.

HTAccess is a NCSA compatible (our server is) way to use password-protection on HTML documents and server directories. The interface prompts the user through the browser for a password, if HTAccess is attached to the directory tree containing the HTML page requested. Check our .htaccess tutorial.


FrontPage Users

We have listed the steps for password protecting subwebs here. These instructions are a re-wording of Microsoft's instructions and not meant to supercede them. We recommend reviewing your FrontPage documentation and help menu, or consult the Microsoft FrontPage site for further details.

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