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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

Parked Domains and Sub-Domains

Parked Domains are pointers only.

They point to the root directory of an existing web site you have with us or to the XyNexT homepage (If you are just registering a domain prior to its actual use). They allow you to point additional domain names to your already existing domain. For example:

can all point to the same place, preventing others from capitalizing on your unique domain name. They DO NOT point to sub-directories of existing accounts. We do not allow this to preserve the integrity of our servers and our other clients. We also do not allow any software or technique that is designed to bypass this policy. Using an index.cgi to read the request headers and redirect to a subdirectory or having an outside host point a domain name to a subdirectory is likewise, prohibited. 

Parked Domains do not start with email capabilities; however, you may request email capability for an additional $5 per month. You may have an unlimited number of aliases, but any mailbox userID's you request for the parked domain will count against your allotted number of mailboxes for the master domain (if a limit is set for that account type).

Sub-Domains are extensions of existing Domains.

Let's say you have and you want to point to your /bob directory. We can set this up for a cost of $5/month.


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