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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

Hardware and Software Version Numbers

Although our networks incorporate many different machines with varying software and features, the majority of our accounts are on UNIX servers. Listed below is some of the more commonly requested information.

        Hardware: CPU's are Dual PentiumIII 450MHz
                          w/256 megabytes of RAM
                       Dual 9GB hard drives on independant
                          Ultrawide SCSI controllers
                       100 Mbit/s Network Interface Cards connected
                          to multiple, redundant backbones
                          w/ autonomous routing

       Software:   Operating sytem is: BSDi 4.01
                        Webserver is: Apache Stronghold 1.3.6
                        'C' compiler is: GCC
                        NCSA, Ncurses/Gdbm
                        Perl interpreter is:  perl5.005_03
                                path is /usr/local/bin/perl
                        SMTP is: sendmail 8.9.1
                                 path is /usr/sbin/sendmail
                        Databases available:  mSQL 1.0.16  and MySQL 3.22.25
                        Also available:   PHP2, PHP3.0.12, Imagemap, cgiemail
                                               Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Server Extensions
                                                          (backwards compatible to earlier clients)
                                               Guestbook, WWWBoard, SimpleSearch
                                               mreply (autoresponder), pine (telnet mail)
                                               JAVA (pre-compiled, no JDK on server)

We also have NT server accounts available (details upon request).
We currently run a chatroom server, SQL server and two nameservers. We can build a custom dedicated NT server on demand and connect it via dual T-1's.

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