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Installing the WWWBoard Script

WWWBoard is a threaded World Wide Web discussion forum and message board, which allows users to post new messages, follow-up to existing ones and more.

Note for FrontPage users: You do not need to use this script. Instead, you should use the FrontPage Discussion Web Template.

Newer sites will have the WWWBoard installed off of their Home directory by default. There will be a symbolic link in your DocumentRoot (the directory your web pages go in) that makes the wwwboard reachable as:


If you have an older site or your wwwboard directory has been removed, you can download the program from Matt's Script Archive and install it by hand - OR - you can use our automatic install program.

To download the program, go to:

Running the Installation Script:

To run the installation script, you will need to connect to your site via telnet. Once at the telnet prompt, type the following command:


You will be prompted through the setup.  After the installation script finishes, you may customize the files to your delight.

It is that simple!

If you wish to run more than one message board, follow these directions:

1. Log into your root directory via telnet.

2. Run the install script:


3. Be sure to name the sub-directory you want the wwwboard installed in.

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