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A-la-Carte Features

Feature / Service Charge
20 Megabytes of additional Web space $5/Month
Additional E-mail box $5/Mo
Account on our dedicated Real Audio/Video Server $20/Month
Point additional Domain Names to same domain $50/Year
Setup email capability for a Parked Domain $50/Year
Setup Sub-Domain (domain name add-on) $50/Year
Setup Directory Specific Sub-Domain $50/Year
Change a domain name on our system $50 One Time Fee
Change the user id of your account $50 One Time Fee
Install or remove FrontPage extensions (after setup) $50 One Time Fee
Basic Miva Information:
       Miva Script files have a .mv extension. When the web server sees the .mv extension it will automatically run Miva Empresa and interpret your Miva Script documents.
       Place your Miva Script documents in your web-publishing directory and access them in the same way as your HTML documents.
       Data files are in a special directory called "mivadata" which is in your home directory. Whenever you access database or other data files in your Miva Script application, the mivadata directory is used as the root directory for the data files. For example, a reference to a file called /mydata.dbf inside of a Miva Script will be translated to /mivadata/mydata.dbf when executed. This separation of script files and data files is essential for your web site security by keeping data files out of the path of the web server.
       Complete free documentation is available directly from Miva Corp.
       Free users group support is available directly from Miva Corp. via a list server. They have full time staff members who monitor the list server and make sure that all questions get answered.
       Microsoft Windows users can download a free personal developers edition of the Miva Engine called Miva Mia.

You must request that Miva be enabled for your site.

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