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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

What should I do if denied access via FTP?

Be sure to read the FTP tutorial instruction. If that does not answer the question, our traceroute tutorial can help with connectivity problems. If you still have trouble, contact us explaining the problem in detail. Be sure to include both your userID and domain name as well as the current account password.

When Will I Know That My Domain Is Approved & Active

You will not receive notification that a domain name has been registered. After you receive notice that you
are online @XyNexT, continue to check your URL on a daily basis, i.e.
Domain registration can take anywhere from 2 hours to 2 weeks. Unfortunately we have no control over
this process. Once your domain is registered, it may take 2 to 5 days for the information to propagate
across the Internet depending on how often individual service providers reboot their nameservers.

If your domain is being transferred from another hosting service, be sure that they have removed your
nameserver entry. If they have not, your domain name may continue to resolve to your old host.

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How Do I Switch from A Non -Virtual Account To A Virtual Account?

Send email to and be sure to mention the domain name of the account you wish to upgrade. The upgrade does not affect your current account, but rather make new features available to you.

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How Do I Change My Billing Frequency and Method Of Payment?

Just email us about 20-30 days prior to your next billing date and request a different mode of payment.
We accept all major credit cards or payment by check.  
Please send your request via our Contact Form.
If your request includes sensitive credit card information, please use our Secure Account Update Form.

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Can I Change My Domain Name?

In order to change your domain name, you need to submit an order for the new domain via our online order form. Please note that you must contact us to set up a new account to serve a different domain name.

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