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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

Microsoft® FrontPage® Support

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Installation/Removal of Microsoft® FrontPage® Extensions
Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 vs. Microsoft® FrontPage® 97
Microsoft® FrontPage® 97:  FTP & Telnet Issues
Creating a New Web & Restarting of Web Daemon
Microsoft® FrontPage® Transfer Protocol & Internet Traffic
Web Publishing Wizard
Making ".exe" Files Downloadable
Publishing with Microsoft® FrontPage® - General
Publishing with Microsoft® FrontPage® 98
Publishing with Microsoft® FrontPage® 97
Additional Microsoft® FrontPage® 97 Tutorials
Securing Microsoft® FrontPage® forms
Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 Software Patch
Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000

Important Things To Know (summary):

  1. If you signed up for a Microsoft® FrontPage® account, we initially installed Microsoft® FrontPage® extensions for your site. If you decide that you no longer wish to use Microsoft® FrontPage®, and you make this decision after the first 30 days from when you setup your account, you will be charged a $50 fee to have them removed. Likewise, if you initially signed up for an account without Microsoft® FrontPage®, and you later decide that you want to use Microsoft® FrontPage®, you will be charged a $50 fee for the installation of the extensions (unless you make the decision within the aforementioned 30-day grace period).

  2. We have the Microsoft® FrontPage®'97 extensions and Microsoft® FrontPage®'98 extensions installed on our servers. Please tell us which version you want on your site. Microsoft® FrontPage®'98 extensions are backwards compatible to Microsoft® FrontPage®'97 designed sites.

  3. If you choose to use Microsoft® FrontPage®'97, the only way to upload your web site(s) is with Microsoft® FrontPage®; you CANNOT FTP into your "/Microsoft® FrontPage®/" Directory. You can use FTP & TELNET to enter other areas of your site outside the Microsoft® FrontPage® Directory Structure. Sites with Microsoft® FrontPage®'98 extensions can use FTP & TELNET to upload files to the Microsoft® FrontPage® Directory Structure but pages using Microsoft® FrontPage® Web Bots must be loaded with Microsoft® FrontPage®. Directories outside of the the "Microsoft® FrontPage®" directories must be uploaded to with FTP. These include /cgibin and /docs.

    The Document Root (the directory visible to web browsers) on older Microsoft® FrontPage® installations is named,
    "/mnt/web/guide/yourdomain/Microsoft® FrontPage®" .  On newer installations it is named, "/mnt/web/guide/yourdomain/wwwfp".  This is where your web content goes, this is where Microsoft® FrontPage® will publish to.

  4. Every time you create a "New Web" on our server, we will have to restart your web daemon. We have now updated our Web Configuration to automatically reboot every 15 minutes if you have "Created A New Web". This means that you publish the web and the server creates the directory for it. Shut down your Microsoft® FrontPage® Explorer for at least 15 minutes while you go get a cup of coffee. Come back and restart the Microsoft® FrontPage® Explorer, republish your web and you are all set. This is for new sub-webs only; changes to your root web should be apparent immediately after publishing.

  5. Microsoft® FrontPage® is a good product, however its transfer protocol is temperamental and does not react well to heavy traffic. Therefore it is a good idea to have each of your directories created as their own sub-web, and then "publish" it to your site. Try to keep each individual web down to 1 or 2 megabytes. Larger webs will tend to "timeout" when publishing.

  1. If you have the "Web Publishing Wizard" on your computer, you will need to uninstall it using your control panel's Add/Remove Programs feature.   This Wizard is for sites that do not have the Microsoft® FrontPage® Server Extensions installed.

  1. If you want your visitors to download ".exe" files from your site, there is a small amount of work involved.   First, you must place the .exe files in a subdirectory of your root or sub-web.  They cannot be in the root directory of a web or the Microsoft® FrontPage® web bots will not work.  Second, you need to create a file named .htaccess in the subdirectory containing the .exe's . The only contents of the file will be:

    AddType application/octet-stream        exe  EXE

    This can also be done in your /docs directory if you wish to keep the files out of your Microsoft® FrontPage® directories.

  2. Last thing to remember is "You Must Be Online To Publish You Web".

That should be about it! Because it is a new method of administering your site, there will probably be kinks; we will do everything we can to help you along, though. Good Luck!

Please click here for The Six Steps to Microsoft® FrontPage® '98 Publishing.

Please click here for the Microsoft® FrontPage® '97 Publishing Tutorial.

Microsoft has released a patch for Microsoft® FrontPage®98
Please visit the Microsoft Microsoft® FrontPage® 98 support page

Microsoft has released the Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 server extensions. 

Microsoft has released the Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 server extensions.
We have been installing the new extensions on our upgraded servers.  Please click here for information about the upgrades.  Also, although the Microsoft® FrontPage® 2000 Editor and Explorer are listed as being backwards compatible to the Microsoft® FrontPage® '98 server extensions, we have encountered some issues in this regard. 

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