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Technical Support
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NT Servers

XyNexT now has Windows NT servers, which support ASP technology!

There are some important issues to consider before choosing
an NT web site. Please click HERE for a summary.

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Technical Specifications

Our NT server program is an advanced server platform that requires a greater knowledge of Web Server related information.  We do not recommend this platform to novice or casual users. Additional caveats are listed here .

.NT accounts must be Premier Plan accounts.  If you have an existing account under the Basic Plan, you will need to upgrade to the Premier Plan.  Please review our pricing page for the differences between the Premier Plan and the Basic Plan.

For those existing XyNexT customers whose sites are now on a UNIX server, there will be a $30 administrative fee to have an NT account set up. This fee does not include the transfer of the site's content. We highly recommend using Microsoft® FrontPage® to "publish" your files to the new NT account. This will avoid many common errors stemming from the OS change. You may also use FTP to upload your files.

For new customers, there is the standard $39 setup fee, which is applied to all new accounts. 

Access to your account can be through an FTP client (we recommend WS_FTP) or via Microsoft® FrontPage® Explorer. Some web authoring softwares include a built-in FTP client, this can also be used to transfer your files. Telnet access is not available on our NT servers. Remote access/desktop software such as PC-Anywhere can not be used to connect to our NT servers.

We have found the most reliable POP3 and SMTP servers to be our Unix machines. For this reason, mail sent to your domain will be stored on a Unix server. You will be able to use a .domains, .forward and/or .alias file the same as our Unix web hosting accounts. A default .mreply.rc file is also provided for you. To access these mail control files, you must FTP to .  You must also use as your POP3 and SMTP server in your mail client configuration.  All email information listed on our FAQ applies to NT accounts as well except as noted below. Please be sure to review our specific email policies.

To send emails from your NT hosted web pages, you need to specify a server-side mail program (SMTP). We recommend WindMail as we have it pre-installed.  The path to WindMail is:  C://windmail//windmail.exe .   More Information on using WindMail can be found on the GeoCel website.

Another good SMTP program is AspMail.  This DLL is fully registered on the server and ready for use. Information and instructions on using AspMail are on the ServerObjects website.

Our NT servers support Active Server Pages (ASP) technology.  Your site by default will be ASP enabled. Our technical support on ASP is limited to the system aspects. We do not critique, design or debug the client's ASP code. We highly recommend the information available at:



Accounts on an NT server may use Microsoft Access databases.  You will need to upload your .mdb file to the server before we create a DSN for it. The DSN will be your domain prefix (e.g. for, it will be bob ; for, it will be suzy).   For security reasons, we recommend placing the .mdb file in your root directory or a sub-directory thereof. Do not place it in your www directory. Let us know the name and location of the .mdb file and we will create the DSN right away.

Those customers who are interested in using SQL or Cold Fusion databases will need to setup an account on one of our Dedicated Servers, as these two types of databases place large loads on a server.

Technical Specifications:
CPU: Pentium Pro 400mHz
RAM: 256 MB
Hard Drive:  Ultrawide SCSI
Network connection: 100 megabit NIC on a redundant/multiple T-3's

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