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Technical Support
(Historical information only. We hope you find it to be a beneficial resource)

The following FAQ's apply to our Unix servers - except where indicated.
 NT-specific information is available in our NT FAQ area.

Getting Started Technical Administrative
What FTP Software Do You Suggest?

How Do I Place My Files On The Web Server?

What Name Should I Use For My "homepage" To Get It To Load Automatically?

What Can My File Names Be?

What Does My Local "cgibin" Directory Do?

How Do I Create Sub-Directories Within My Website?

When Will My Domain Be Active (propagation)?

Where Do I Monitor Web Usage Statistics?

What Is This usage.html File For And What Are Requests?

The Server Says "/logs/ not found"! What happened to my Log Files ?!?!

What type of database may I use, and how do I set it up?

Are there any resources that can help me with my web page designing?

What types of software and hardware do you have and what are the version numbers?

How do I set up a guestbook?

How do I set up a message board?

How will the XyNexT system deal with the Year 2000?

Do you have more information on Running CGI Scripts?

Where Do I Find Information On Email forms & CGIEMAIL?

If I don't like CGIEMAIL, do you have another form handler similar to formmail.cgi?

How Do I Get My Mail Forwarding To Work?

How do I get Additional Mailboxes?! This applies to NT and Unix accounts.

How Do I Get My Mail From The POP Mailbox On The Server?

My Outlook mail program won't send email, what's wrong?

How do I Find out more about using Microsoft® FrontPage®?

How Do I Get That Cool Counter On My Page?

How Do I Get Imagemaps To Work?

What is a Secure Server and How Do I Secure Transactions?

Can I Password Protect Directories?

How Do I Manage My Anonymous FTP Access?

How Do I Use Real Audio©?

What Does "chmod" mean, & how can I find out more on File Permissions ?

How do I use Telnet?

How do I have a message automatically respond to emails others send me?

How do I set up my own customized ErrorDocument for visitors who go to the wrong URL?

How do I get a Java Chat Room on my site?

What Should I Do If Denied Access Via FTP?

How do I check on the availability of a domain name

How do I get a script that checks for the availability of domain names on my site?

When Will I Know That My Domain Is Approved & Active From InterNIC?

Who Do I Contact Regarding InterNIC Billing?

Can I Change My Domain Name?

How do I check how much space I have used on the server?

How does the log rotation work?

How do I change the master password of my account?

How do I reset my counters?

May I have two or more domain names point at the same directory structure (Parked Domains)?

Do you keep a backup copy
of my files?

How do I set up a 
Shopping Cart Program?

What do the web browser error messages mean?

My connection seems slow or dead at times. Why?

How do I find the IP address of my site?

I think my mailbox is clogged.
How do I clear it?

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